As the only candidate in the District 4 race with a student in Minneapolis public schools, and as the husband of an MPS first-grade teacher, I know, first hand, how the decisions made by the Minneapolis School Board affect our students and teachers. I hear about it at my kitchen table.

I'm running for the School Board for three important reasons:

  • Equity must be our priority. Strong schools in every neighborhood today are the key to a strong Minneapolis tomorrow. I will fight for equity across all of our schools to provide the resources every student needs to thrive.
  • Students are not data points. Data-driven education programs have their benefits, but effective education recognizes that every student is a unique individual. For every student to thrive, teachers and front-line staff must be empowered to address the needs of the whole child.
  • Our community should decide what's best for our schools. Out-of-state billionaires are pouring money into Minneapolis school board elections and elections across the country. I support local, democratic elections for our school boards.

My first and only loyalty is to our students and teachers. The most powerful tool for change in the life of a student is a relationship with a caring, motivated adult. I want our teachers to be able to use their knowledge and training to the fullest, and I will build bridges to our community, business and philanthropic leaders to make the Minneapolis Public Schools a foundation for future success for all our students.

We support Bob Walser and we hope you will join us on November 8th

  • Minneapolis Federation of Teachers Local 59
  • Jenny Arneson, Chair, Minneapolis Board of Education
  • Kim Ellison, Director, Minneapolis Board of Education
  • Rebecca Gagnon, Director, Minneapolis Board of Education
  • Tom Madden, former Chair, Minneapolis Board of Education
  • Representative Frank Hornestein
  • Senator Scott Dibble
  • Representative Karen Clark
  • Stonewall DFL
  • Our Revolution MN

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Rep. Frank Hornstein & Bob Walser
Rep. Frank Hornstein & Bob Walser
“Bob is a passionate voice for our schools and communities.
His experience and commitment are vital to our kids’ success.”
-Rep. Frank Hornstein
Our Revolution MN